About Us

While stillness is inherent in the objects we design, we believe that this is just the beginning of a dialogue we aim to foster: one that evokes the senses, emotions, and memories of people that delight in our work. These encounters help complete our story by bringing what is still to life; creating motion out of stillness; taking quiet pleasure in the contemplation and experience of Still Wares.

Still Wares is a creative collaboration between Kaleb Loh and Tyco Tat. The Singaporean and Canadian duo draw upon their range of experience in design, art and science to inform their process and work. They make their collections by hand in limited, small-batch editions. Together, their creative explorations are fueled by a desire to tell stories.

Tyco Tat /

Tyco is from Toronto, Canada, where he studied and worked in the field of human kinetics before embarking on an education and career in industrial design. He is fascinated by movement and transformation in the physical and natural world, and has a desire to translate elements of this into his work.

Tyco first discovered his love for working with clay as a student in the ceramics studio at OCAD, and has been experimenting and honing his craft ever since.

He is currently based in Singapore, where he leads a creative team focused on human-centered design.

Kaleb Loh /

Kaleb is Singaporean, with a background in graphic design and over a decade of experience in art directing for advertising multinationals. His ideas inhabit and negotiate both two and three-dimensional worlds, with the aim to approach designing and making with an air of quietness and understated beauty.

Kaleb practiced under the guidance of a Japanese master in the ancient pottery town of Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture – an experience that continues to influence his work. He also draws inspiration from his many travel adventures that have taken him to nearly all corners of the world.


Still Wares is a creative collaboration between Kaleb Loh and Tyco Tat. The Singaporean and Canadian duo draw upon their range of experience in design, art and science to inform their process and work. They make their collections by hand in limited, small-batch editions. Together, their creative explorations are fueled by a desire to tell stories.